Daring Theology Podcast | Episode 1 | Divorce (Part 1) [28:20]
This episode covers the importance of keeping covenants, how betrothal makes a couple husband and wife even before they enter the marriage bed, how the marriage bed makes the relationship permanent, Yeshua's statement allowing divorce for fornication and two examples of righteous divorce.

Daring Theology Podcast | Episode 2 | Divorce (Part 2) [21:33]
This episode covers when the precept that Moses wrote allows divorce and how we can resolve the conundrum that it was written for the man's hardness of heart but Joseph was righteous for considering it.

Daring Theology Podcast | Episode 3 | Divorce (Part 3) [28:43]
This episode covers what is going on with Paul's statement that certain husbands and wives are "not under bondage" in 1 Corinthians 7 and touches on why only Matthew's gospel contains an exception for divorce.

Daring Theology Podcast | Episode 4 | Divorce (Part 4) [23:40]
This episode covers the divorces instigated by Ezra and Nehemiah and how Malachi chimed in on the subject and then discusses what happens when a man has made multiple, conflicting covenants before wrapping up the divorce topic.